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    Under UK law, overseas students whose parents are not resident in the UK must have a designated guardian for the duration of their studies. We have over 10 year experience working with different schools as well as host families and happy to support your child throughout their educational journey in the UK. We offer 24/7 emergency service and support, arrange transport and accommodation for half-terms and exeats. We guide our pupils and help to achieve maximum potential while studying in the UK. Pupils have direct contact with us and if they have any problems or questions, we help them with daily enquiries alongside with academic support throughout the whole year at school. We are selective when offer the host families to our pupils and always consider the safeguarding and comfort of our students. We work with families who provide kind and caring environment while staying for exeats weekends. We understand the worries of parents and how overwhelming the experience may be for the pupils and we make every effort to help them to prepare for arrival to the UK.

    Our guardianship services include:

    • 24/7 emergency service
    • Arranging transportation to and from airport
    • Translation of school reports and school correspondence
    • Academic support
    • Regular communication with school for various questions
    • Assistance in visa application to Europe and USA
    • Visiting parent meeting on behalf of the parents
    • Arranging necessary covid tests for the arrival to the UK
    • Regular contact with pupil

    In addition to this, using our experience in admissions to schools and universities, we include in guardianship services:

    Advising parents and students on academic matters, including GCSE and A-level subject choices, or on the future of university education.

    Communication with children and parents about: methods of improving academic performance, getting used living and studying with their British peers, choosing additional activities at school taking into account future career direction, and much more.

    We also have the opportunity to provide additional services by agreement with the parents. We are selective with the choice of the host families offered to the pupils and all our families and drivers are caring and very efficient.